Historical Map of Lawrencetown

Legend appears below map. - Scroll right for full view of map.

1Anglican Church2Demonstration Building
3First Tennis Courts4Gem Theatre
5First Post Office6Oldest House in Lawrencetown
7Elm House8Evaporator
9Bandstand10Millinery Shop
11United Church12Baptist Church
13Butter & Cheese Factory14First Survey School
15Old School in Town16Lawrencetown Island
17John Lunn's Mill18Dance Pavillion
19Foundation of Oldest House20Baptist Parsonage
21First Consolidated School22Present School
23Blacksmith Shop24Monument Factory
25Daniel's Settlement School26Provincial Forest Nursery
27Fairview Cemetery28Old MacIntyre's Mill
29Whitman Settlement School30Whitman Cemetery &
Position of the Valley
West Meeting House

This map is a copy of the one drawn by Helen Whitman in 1977 and is from the booklet, A History of Lawrencetown.


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