Dear LCS Community Members,

My name is Paula Shehata and I will be the principal of LCS from August 1st, 2016 until January 31st, 2017. The LCS staff and I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you and your families. We are proud to partner with you to educate your children academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

We are a distinctive rural school that is rich in history and culture. Lawrencetown Consolidated School first opened its doors in 1975, and is still going strong. We have an active and very involved School Advisory Council which supports the many activities and learning that takes place here. Parents/Guardians are always invited to come to monthly meetings to meet new people and to find out about current programs and offerings at the school.

Furthermore, we invite you to visit the school and meet the staff. Every September we have a Meet and Greet where teachers review their communication and curriculum plans with Parents/Guardians.  Throughout the year we organize a few Lunch with Families, and student of the month (and term) assemblies to recognize the good efforts of our students. We are always looking for volunteers to help carry out school-wide programs or to help out in the classes. Your gift of time makes a difference in everyday school life.

Each year, we work on goals to increase the achievement in both literacy and math for our students. This year, we will continue to work on both the grade 4-5 streamlined curriculum and the P-3 integrated curriculum which aligns with the NS Action Plan for Education report that was released in 2014. We continue, as a staff, to gather achievement data that corresponds with our goals.

For this upcoming year, in Grades P-1, we will concentrate on developing sight word vocabulary and in Grades 2-5, we will increase student reading comprehension. For math, in Grades P-1, we will develop understanding around partitioning numbers and in Grades 2-5, we will increase student understanding of various forms of patterning and how this assists in the overall development of number concepts.

Throughout the year, professional in-services and early dismissal days will focus on strategies to help support all students. We, as a staff, will continue to work collaboratively and develop our skills in best instructional strategies. We continue to focus our efforts on early intervention and are using the Beginning, Growing and Stronger Readers and Writers framework for supporting all literacy learners.

We are very proud of our regularly-updated school website and encourage you to re-visit it often in order to get the most current information. Communication is absolutely essential to the achievement, growth and development of the students. I believe we must work together as partners and share the responsibility for learning. Welcome to LCS – the “Learning Centered School.”

Looking forward to working together,

Paula Shehata
Principal, Lawrencetown Consolidated School
September 2016


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