Lawrencetown Consolidated School Advisory Council



Annual Report





Lawrencetown Consolidated School

10 Middle Road

RR#1 Lawrencetown

NS  B0S 1M0


Phone: 902-584-4500

Fax: 902-584-4505




LCS Mission Statement: It is the mission of Lawrencetown Consolidated School to develop responsible citizens of the world who are life-long learners by providing worthwhile educational challenges to encourage academic, physical, and emotional growth in an atmosphere supportive of all children and their individual differences and by providing for all children, opportunities for success.

School Profile:   Current Population - 177


           s School staff consists of the following:

                        - 12 Teachers                                                               - 1 Administrator

                        - 6 Educational Assistants                                             - 1 Library Technician

                        - 1 Secretary                                                                - 1 Cafeteria Manager

                        - 2 Custodians                                                              - 4 Bus Drivers


School Programs:

s Curricular programs available according to the Nova Scotia Department of Education (Public School Program)

                        - Primary to Grade 6                                                    - Physical Education

                        - Music                                                                        - Core French (Grades 4-6)

                        - Resource                                                                   - Reading Recovery


           s Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Programs

                        - Art/Craft Club                                                            - Badminton

                        - Basketball                                                                  - Choir

                        - Class Trips                                                                 - Computer Buddies

                        - Cross Country Running                                              - Enrichment Modules

                        - Floor Hockey Intramurals                                           - Ga-Ga Ball

                        - Hackmatack Reading Program                                   - KATS – Kids Against Tobacco Smoke
                        - Math Tutors                                                               - PALS Program

- Peer Literacy Tutors                                                   - Peer Mediators

- Reading Buddies                                                        - Recess Sports (Primary – Gr. 2) Noon Sports (Gr. 3 – 6)

- Skipping Club                                                            - Soccer


            Principal’s Message:

What an exciting year we had!  Through our many community partnerships and the continued support of the school community members, we have been able to accomplish a great deal this past year.  Traditional fundraisers such as the Breakfast with Santa and the Spring Bingo emphasize a strong community link.  The success of these events is really in welcoming visitors to the school in a community-like setting while raising funds to provide school program supports for our students. 

In addition, it has been exciting to see so many families interested in coming back to the school on a few Friday nights throughout the year to watch a movie, play some games and hang out in the gym!  These Family Social nights have become very popular and are a great way to bring home and school together to socialize.  We hope to continue them for next year. 

We are so fortunate to have such an active and caring School Advisory Council here at LCS.  Their support and interest in our students are evident by the many initiatives they are involved in.  On behalf of the staff and students at LCS, I would like to extend our deepest thanks to them for everything they do.  We appreciate their generosity and support and are looking forward to another great year!

Karen Baker,     Principal


Chairperson’s Message:

It has been a pleasure to work with the Advisory Council members, students and staff at LCS.  One of the most gratifying aspects of these working relationships is that everyone who is approached to help, in any way, comes through for LCS.  We have strong community support for our little school and, because of that, we are able to accomplish big things.

This year began with a response to the AVRSB Facilities Review. Many hours were spent researching information, meeting with interested parties and creating our final document. Many thanks are in order for all who helped out in any way.

Speaking of thanks, it would take a long time to individually thank all the people involved with our two fund raising events, Breakfast With Santa and the Spring Bingo.  Both events raised record amounts of money this year, money that will go to support wonderful initiatives at the school.

The partnerships we are continuously making provide positive impacts on LCS.  This year, our RCMP Liaison Officer attended our Closing Exercises for the first time.  We have submitted a sports grant application, partnering with the Lawrencetown and District Recreation Commission, to operate a Learn-To-Play program for all students.  A book-making project, Publish It!, will begin at LCS in September as we partner with the Valley Community Learning Association.  Opportunities for the students at LCS grow with each of our new initiatives. I would like to commend Principal Karen Baker for her willingness to work with each organization. Her enthusiasm for new, beneficial projects goes a long way to making things REALLY work.

Thank you to all the SAC members for their hard work this year and I would once again like to thank the administration, staff and students at LCS for making this such a wonderful school in which to work.

Steve Baskwill,         SAC Chair

School Success Plan:


Goal #1:   By June 2009, 80% of students will meet or exceed grade level expectations in reading.


Year Three Strategies




Professional Development


1. (new) The mentor will present model lessons, provide in-class coaching and deliver

1 ½ hour workshops. 

Year three focus: reading fluency; Reader’s Theatre, phrasing, reading punctuation, intonation, expression and dialogue.

Sept. 2008

Nov. 2008

January 2009

March 2009

May 2009



Board Literacy Mentor

All staff


Board Literacy Mentor provided support in the way of clarification, strategies and tools for reading development; resources and some direct inservicing.  Some of the direct inservicing centered around Language Arts outcomes and language focusing around the preparation for use of the Provincial report cards.

2. (continue) Initiate and host a Parent night.  Invite parents to two, one-hour workshops; “How to help your children read with understanding.”  (One may include a Reader’s Theatre” and have students join parents.)

February 2009

April 2009

Staff “Learning Buddies/Groups take turns hosting the sessions.

One Family Literacy Night  was held on Feb. 9, 2009.  Focus on increasing awareness of males as reading role models.

3. (continue) Professional Learning Community: Book study group



Completed book study in May 2009 on book:  Fluency in Focus: (Comprehension Strategies For All Young Readers) by Mary Lee Prescott-Griffin and Nancy L. Witherell


Student Assessment


1. (continue) Reading Assessment Tracking Committee will collect and analyze report card data, running records, and comprehension rubrics. At the end of the year, the committee will analyze the data for the 3 years of the SSP to measure overall progress toward goal.



Final analysis: June 2009


Data collected throughout year and reviewed with staff. 

2. (continue) Report card analysis of reading achievement, i.e., number of students meeting, not meeting, or exceeding outcome expectations

Nov 2008, March 2009, June 2009

All teachers

Done all 3 terms:  Nov 2008, March 2009, June 2009

3. (continue) Teachers conduct two assessments finding student’s instructional level: a) Running records, b) Comprehension rubric. Assessment results are to be submitted to the Reading Assessment Tracking committee.

Oct. 2008 completed by end of Oct.)

April 2009

All staff


Completed:  Oct. 2008

May 2009

Student Program


1. (continue) “Reading Buddy” system that focuses on reading comprehension, accuracy and fluency


All classrooms Reading Buddy pairs

Some classroom pairs continued with this initiative.

2. (continue) Provide review and mentoring for new staff on administering and analyzing a reading/running record and reading comprehension rubric

September 2008

Individual staff members

As required throughout the year.

3. (continue) Peer Tutor reading program.

September 2006- June 2009

Karen Baker

Continued throughout year: organized by Paula Shehata, Resource Teacher. September 2006- June 2009

Parent Program


1. (new) Design and conduct an afternoon of  Literacy activities for parents, “Reading, Set, Go” (following a Lunch with Families) to demonstrate strategies, activities, and games for developing reading accuracy/comprehension.

April 2009

All staff

Held on April 30, 2009.


Goal #2: By June 2009, 90% of survey respondents (students, staff, and parents/guardians) will indicate that there is effective communication between and among all stakeholders.


Year Three Strategies




Make SSP goals a visible priority within and outside school


1.  (continue) SSP goals will be included on staff meeting agendas and in biweekly newsletters to parents.

weekly and biweekly



Goals written on all staff agendas and home newsletters.

2.  (continue) Update SSP display area.


Staff volunteer

Updated monthly by classroom teachers.

3.  (continue) The progress toward SSP goals will be reviewed (updates, strategies in place, etc.) monthly at a staff meeting.



Progress reviewed periodically.

4.  (continue) Overall progress toward SSP goals will be reported to parents via the school newsletter once a month.




Initiatives (professional development) included periodically.

5.  (continue) Teachers will include updates on progress toward SSP goals in their monthly classroom newsletters to parents/guardians. A copy of the newsletter will be given to the staff member in charge of the SSP display area for posting.


All teachers

Updated periodically and posted by individual homeroom teachers.

Facilitate internal communications


1.  (new)  Re-administer communication surveys to students and staff to measure progress from start of SSP in 2006.

May 2009


All staff


Surveys administered to students and staff in January 2009.

2.  (continue) Staff meeting agendas will be typed and distributed to individual mailboxes on the day before the meeting.




Continued for this year.

3.  (continue) Staff meetings will be held for one hour every week.


All staff

Mostly bimonthly meetings were held.  Proved sufficient for communicating.

4.  (continue) Information on SSP and goals will be presented to parents/guardians at “Get Acquainted” Night

September 2008


These were presented to parents on “Get-Acquainted” night.

5.  (continue) Student check-ins / class meetings will be conducted to encourage student discussion of issues.

At least monthly

All teachers


6.  (continue) Various student focus groups will be formed to offer opportunities for student voice and feedback.



Informal check-ins/small groups held periodically.

7.  (new) Inform new staff members of  established staff meeting guidelines and expectations (e.g., recording and distributing minutes, attendance).




Done at beginning of year.  New staff presented with New Staff handbook.

8.  (new) Inform new staff members of roles and responsibilities of secretary, custodians, principal, classroom teachers, and EA’s.





Done at beginning of year and as inquiries were made.

9. (new)  Principal to create and administer a weekly memo to staff, informing them of upcoming events/reminders.

First of each week


Ongoing; done weekly.


Goal #2: By June 2009, 90% of survey respondents (students, staff, and parents/guardians) will indicate that there is effective communication between and among all stakeholders.


Year Three Strategies




Facilitate internal communications


1.  (continue) Host “Student of the Month” assemblies, communicating special achievements for individual students.


All staff

Monthly assemblies were held.

2.  (continue) Distribute “I Gotcha” student messages for “good deeds.”


All school community members

“Peek-a-Boo” messages were read daily as recorded.

3.  (continue) Provide bus drivers with schedule of specific school closure times.

First of each month

Kendra Watson


This was done at the first of each month.

Facilitate external communications


1. (new)  Re-administer communication surveys to parents/guardians to measure progress from start of SSP in 2006.

May 2009


All staff

Surveys administered to parents and guardians in November 2008.

2.  (continue) Post copies of newsletters in Community library, Pharmasave and Doctor’s Office (pending permission.)


Chosen older student who walks home

Copies of the newsletter were posted every two weeks by a student.

3.  (continue) Send school information to Village community newsletter.




No Community newsletter.

4.  (continue) SSP goals will be presented to the community at the first Village Meeting of the school year.

September 2008


Only done the first year…Group didn’t feel it was necessary to present each year.

5.  (continue) Teachers report exceptional good deed or achievement of student to principal who will make weekly “Good News” calls to parents/guardians.



Good news calls were made home; notification received by teachers. 

6.  (continue) Host three open houses, “Lunch with Families” throughout the school year.

Nov. 2008

Feb. 2009

April 2009

All staff

These were held in:  Sept. 25, 2008, April 30, 2009, June 18, 2009.



LCS Other Initiatives 2008-2009:


            s “Adopt the Troops” program participants

s Annapolis County Winter ACTIVE Team activities

      s Assemblies (Student of month/term)

            s Class Field Trips

            s Earth Day Challenge

            s Evergreen “Greening of the Schoolyard” Grant

            s Fall Literacy Workshop for Dads

            s Field Day

            s Girls’ Week physical activities

            s Holiday Concert

s Jump Rope For Heart

            s Library Patrons Program

            s Maritime Marionettes

            s PJ Day

            s Read-a-thon

s RCH Grants

s Spring Into Music Concert

s Terry Fox Walk and Picnic with Families

s Volunteer Appreciation Social Event

s Young Neptune: A Bump in the Night

s African Drumming Workshops

s Annual Book Fair

s Boys’ Week physical activities

s Comic Text Web Project (PDAF Grant)

s Enrichment Modules

s Fall fundraiser “Santa’s Little Helper”

s Family Lending Library

s Friday Fun days

s Grade 6 Banquet

s ICAP (International Child Assault Prevention Program) workshops held

s Literacy Afternoon/Family Lunches/Picnics

s Neptune Theatre – “Bluenose”

s Primary Orientations

s Reading Dads All Around – Family Literacy Night

s Skipping Club presentation

            s Stand Up Against Bullying Day

            s Turkey dinner

            s Weekly Hat Days



 Additional LCS Staff Professional Development:

s Anxiety disorders workshop for staff

s Autism conference

s Book study discussion begins on Fluency in Focus: Comprehension Strategies for all Readers.

            s Comprehension Rubrics

s Core French workshop in developing center activities

s Depression and Anxiety Workshop

            s Early & Upper Elementary Literacy group have been formed

s EAs:              Personal Care Workshop – VON

                        Work Stations: Facilitating independence with students

                        Technology support related to programming for students

                        De-escalating Strategies

                        Physical Activity Strategies Workshop

s Involved in provincial report card initiative

s Involved with the “Adopt the Troops” program

s Literacy Workshops

            s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder presentation

s PALS Training Session

            s Provincial In-service Day       ~ Math Conference      ~ Differentiation

s RCH workshop

s Staff Handbook completed

            s Supports for students with Learning Disabilities

s Technology support for classroom Workshop

s Training in administering Provincial assessments and in developing support plans for students.

s Training for students with difficult behaviours.

s Transition Meetings

s Visual Support for Effective Communication Workshop

s Workshop on Literacy Best Practices

s Workshop on integrating technology into literacy curriculum

s Workshop on new Spelling Guide

s Workshops with Board Literacy mentor:  reading accuracy, strategies for students not meeting,

and students exceeding, expectations


LCS Site & Building Changes:

s Air quality concern in Sensory room: window repair

s Planters placed at front entrance

s Replaced timbers around play structure by red shed

      s Storage cabinets installed in main office/sick room

s Boiler room: hooked up new water line and ran new piping from the old line

s Sanded and painted 2 walls in computer room

s Upgraded electrical for office (outlets, internet drops)



SAC Achievements 2008-2009:

s Article IV, Section 2 Election and Term of Office Bylaw Changed

            s Attended SAC Roles Workshop presented by AVRSB

s Completed Working Committee of the DOE on Absenteeism and Classroom Climate Survey

s Continued to monitor the progress of the School Success Plan

s Drafted responses to the Facilities Review for AVRSB and Provincial Government Members

s Financially supported Cost Share items, including purchase of technology equipment and cafeteria items

s Financially supported Emergency Lunches ~ Held another successful Breakfast with Santa event
s Financially supported the Parent Lending Library

s Hosted Rainbows Presentation by Jewel Mitchell

            s LCS school brochure sent to the Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency as promotional material

s New School Sign erected as a promotional effort

s Participated in discussions with other Annapolis County schools regarding the AVRSB Facilities Review

s Participated in interviewing for new principal (Chair)
s Planned and held a successful Spring Bingo
s Presented questions to AVRSB Human Resources Director, Al Hume, for use in interviewing new principal applicants
s Produced and distributed Volunteer Handbook to grade Primary class and other new school attendees          

s Provided input to the AVRSB Superintendent interview questions process

s Provided two SAC members as representatives on LCS Communications Committee
s Reviewed AVRSB Instructional Time document
s Staff Appreciation Week activities held for 31 staff members

s Supported Grade Six Graduation activities and awards
s Website containing minutes and other SAC information was maintained weekly
s Wrote Board letter of Financial Support to provincial government

s Wrote letter of support for Lawrencetown Publish It! project




Community Partnerships:

LCS could not be as successful in meeting our goals of providing an enriching learning experience to the students without the continued support and efforts of the following partnerships within our community. We appreciate and value the assistance, monetary and otherwise, from parents / guardians, community members, service clubs and businesses. Our thanks are extended to the following:


s Annapolis County Recreation s Annapolis Valley Regional Library
s Blue Griffin Bookstore s BRHS Band
s Bright Beginnings s Dairy Queen 
s Emergency Health Services (EHS)  s Family Matters
s Lawrencetown Lions Club s Lawrencetown Volunteer Fire Department
s Lawrencetown & District Recreation  s LCS Advisory Council members
s MFI Advertising  s Mount Saint Vincent University 
s Myrtle Rebekah Lodge  s Nova Scotia Community College (AGRG)
s Nova Scotia Power Corporation s Royal Canadian Legion Branch 112   
s RCMP s Staples       
s TRA Foods Middleton s Valley Rose Rebekah Lodge #126
s Valley Waste Resource Management  s Village of Lawrencetown

s Volunteers (fundraisers, lice detection team, fluoride team, classroom helpers, chaperones, cafeteria helpers)







School Advisory Council Members:





Steve Baskwill




Sharon Shaw




Lynn Roscoe




Sandy Connell




Holly Walker




Jillian McAulay




Liz Cox




Denise Naugler

Vice Chair



Susanne Ruggles




Patricia Veinott




Karen Baker