2004-2005  School Year


LCS Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Lawrencetown Consolidated School to develop responsible citizens of the world who are life-long learners by providing worthwhile educational challenges to encourage academic, physical, and emotional growth in an atmosphere supportive of all children and their individual differences and by providing for all children, opportunities for success.





            ~ As of May 1, 2005, there are 181 students enrolled at LCS

            ~ School staff consists of the following:

                        - 11 Teachers

                        - 6 Educational Assistants

                        - 1 Library Technician

                        - 1 Secretary

                        - 1 Cafeteria Manager

                        - 2 Custodians


            School Programs:

            ~ Curricular programs available according to the Nova Scotia Department of Education

                (Public School Program)

                        - Primary to Grade 6

                        - Physical Education

                        - Music

                        - Core French (Grades 4-6)

                        - Resource

                        - Reading Recovery

            ~ Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Programs

                        - Peer Mediators                       - Recess Sports (Primary – Gr. 2)

                        - Choir                                      - Noon Sports ( Gr. 3 – 6) 

                        - Chess Club                             - KATS – Kids Against Tobacco Smoke

                        - Peer Literacy Tutors               - Multicultural Dance Festival

                        - Drama Club                            - Computer Club

                        - Skipping Club                          - Environmental Club

                        - Craft Club                              - Basketball Program

                        - Class Trips                             - Reading Buddies

                        - French Speeches                     - Cultural Performances - SMART

                        - Computer Buddies                  


Annual SAC Meeting ~ October 3, 2005 at 6:30 p.m.   

All meetings are open to the public


Principal’s Message:


The 2004-2005 school year has been filled with many positive changes and accomplishments. The students, staff, families, and community have worked tirelessly to promote and support Lawrencetown Consolidated School and our initiatives. We have been fortunate to receive, from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, many improvements to our facility and the addition of much-needed staff and resources this year. The School Advisory Council has been generous in the time and financial support it has devoted to the school over the past ten months. Indeed there are many reasons to celebrate the successes of 2004-05.

 At the same time, we must say farewell to a person who has been a part of LCS for the past thirty-two years. Steve Baskwill has been an avid supporter of our school as a teacher, mentor, and community member. We have appreciated his willingness to help others, his dedication to education, and his enthusiasm for encouraging students to be physically active and creative thinkers. On June 24th, “Mr. B.” will send off the final graduating class of his career. We wish him well with his retirement plans and hope he will visit the school often.   

 As we take this opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of the past year, and say thank you to those responsible, we look forward to the upcoming school year and welcome those who will be joining us.  

Susan Connell,
Lawrencetown Consolidated School

Chairperson’s Message:


On behalf of the School Advisory Council, I would like to extend a heartfelt, “Thank You!” to LCS students, staff, parents and community members. The support and cooperation from all of you has continued to enhance the educational experience of the children. There is no better reward for your efforts!


We have had a productive year in the SAC. Strong focus has been put on safety concerns and solutions. As well, a great deal of Home and School fundraising has enabled the SAC to provide much needed school equipment and supplies.


I would like to thank SAC members for your support during the past school year. As we met each challenge, I believe we have learned and grown as a cooperating and productive group.


Thank you,

Lana Pothier





Goal # 1 ~ To improve students’ reading comprehension through school-wide professional development, strategic teaching, and data collection and analysis.


Goal # 2 ~ To enhance school climate by providing opportunities for students to work together in a variety of activities that support student success and encourage positive social interaction and problem solving.


Goal #1 Progress:

Teachers have attended various professional development seminars. This has been to improve their understanding of the students’ needs and be better equipped to meet these needs. They include, but are not limited to:


~  Inservice on, “Writing Instruction with Emphasis on Poetry and Persuasive Text”

~  Classroom teachers collected baseline data on students’ reading comprehension in six areas (Fall 2004). Staff identified two areas for intensive focus of instruction for the school year. Final data collection in May 2005 to compare results over the year

~  Classroom teachers continue to collect reading data each year to assess students’ progress over their elementary school years

~  Marian Trehearne workshop: Closing the Literacy Gap: A Whole School Approach to Prevention and Intervention

~  Deborah Miller Two-day Summer Institute: Literacy and Instruction

~   Board facilitator leading workshops and conversations on Reading Comprehension and Assessment (P-6)

~  Email Pals/ Reading Comprehension Project (LCS and AEES)                                                                       

Goal #2 Progress:

Various programs have been organized to encourage multi-grade interaction, cooperation and problem-solving. They include, but are not limited to:


~  Peer Tutors

~  Peer Mediators

~  Reading Buddies

~  KATS – Anti-Smoking Program

~  SMART – Anti-Bullying Program

~  Student-led Assemblies recognizing students’ academic and social achievements

~  Computer Buddies

~  Dairy Queen “Student of the Month” Certificates recognizing one student from each      class who demonstrates caring, courtesy, and cooperation in that period of time

~  Student of the Term Assemblies, sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #112, recognizing students’ achievement in the areas of Participation, Cooperation, and Creativity



2004 – 2005


·        “Helping Hands Around the World” for victims of the Tsunami disaster

·        Lions Club sponsored Drug Awareness Poster Contest

·        School-wide Waste Management Program: Grade Five class (paper recycling) and Grade Four (composting food waste)

·        Royal Canadian Legion Branch #112 “Student of the Term Awards” and Remembrance Day Assembly with special guests (Legion members, Veterans)

·        Lawrencetown Volunteer Fire Department Fire Safety Education and Poster Contest

·        Updated school website




·        RCH Workshop for staff

·        Racial Equity Implementation Policy Workshop

·        Learning Disabilities Conference

·        M. Ed. Curriculum Integration of Technology

·        Picture Exchange Communication System

·        Reading Recovery training

·        Math In-services

·        Defiant Child Workshop

·        Technology Workshops

·        Developing Professional Learning Communities

·        Science Curriculum Workshop

·        Health Curriculum Workshop

·        Physical Education and Music Workshop

·        Storytelling and Drama Workshop


2004 – 2005





LCS could not be as successful in meeting our goals of providing an enriching learning experience to the students without the continued support and efforts of the following partnerships within our community. We appreciate and value the assistance, monetary and otherwise, from parents / guardians, community members, service clubs and businesses. Our thanks is extended to the following:


            ~  Atlantic Super Store

~  BRHS Band

~  Dairy Queen

~  EHS

~  LCS School Advisory Council members

~  Lawrencetown Volunteer Fire Department

~  Middleton Lions Club

~  Nova Scotia Power

~  Royal Canadian Legion


~  Volunteers (fundraisers, lice detection team, fluoride team, cafeteria, classroom helpers)

~  Waste Resource Management


LCS Contact Information:


Telephone: 902-584-4500                                        


Fax: 902-584-4505


Mail: 10 Middle Road


           Nova Scotia

           B0S 1M0






Principal: Susan Connell


School Advisory Council:


Principal: Susan Connell




Staff:                                                               Parents:

Karen Baker (Secretary)                                   Patty Guilbault

Steve Baskwill                                                  Lana Pothier (Chair)

Linda McKenna                                                Martha Roberts (Vice-Chair)




Lynette Gilks

Cathy Lowe

Brenda Mailman (Finance Officer)