Drawn using Windows Paintbrush by Chris Layte, LCS.

The Lawrencetown Elementary School, built on the north side of the high school, replaced the former elementary school which served the area for several decades. The new school officially opened its doors on May 7, 1975.

The school was constructed by the Municipality of Annapolis County to serve the village of Lawrencetown and its surrounding communities and is administered at present by the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.

Designed to accommodate approximately four hundred elementary students, the school contains fourteen academic classrooms situated around the perimeter of the building. The remaining rooms are made up of a library, resource room, audio-visual room, gymnasium, kitchen, music room, art room, offices and teachers' room. The rooms on the north side of the building are designed to be used either as individual or open area classrooms. These rooms are separated by folding doors and  the computer room is located between the two open areas.

The center block of the school contains the gymnasium, locker and shower rooms for both boys and girls, gym instructor's office, equipment room and stage facilities.

The art room is tiled for easy clean up and has ample shelving for supplies and artwork.

The audio-visual room, complete with projection room, has a seating capacity of 149. It contains theater style seats which permit the room to be used for lectures, small dramatic presentations and the viewing of films.

The library is well stocked with books, shelves and suitable furniture for class visits.

Behind the school is a paved playground as well as swings, slides, climbing apparatus and other pieces of equipment. There is a sandbox for the younger students. On the east side of the building are tennis courts, two baseball diamonds and a soccer field.

Over the years, the building has been well maintained and the school provides an excellent environment for both teaching and learning.