September 18th-
Regional Shut Down
-No School


September 19th-
School Photo Day


Sept 20th-

Gr. 3-5
Cross Country-
on the track @ noon



September 26th-
Picnic with Families 

Terry Fox Walk

Student of the Month Assembly 1pm

Cross Country Meet @A.E.E.S


September 27th-
Early Dismissal 11:30 pm


September 28-
Orange Shirt Day


October 2nd-
Cross Country Meet
Dwight Ross


October 3-

walk to school day








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Recycling Fund


Recycling Fund for
2018-2019 $110.95


Find out more here.

2008-2009 = $ 765.85
2009-2010 = $ 841.25
2010-2011 = $1030.35
2011-2012 = $ 894.10
2012-2013 = $ 894.85
2013-2014 = $696.70
2014-2015 = $877.70
2015-2016 = $711.55
2016-2017 = $ 501.10
2017-2018 = $475.45

2018 -2019 - $110.95







School Mission: 
To develop responsible, life-long learners in a student centered environment where all educational partners are successful, respected and valued.





Resolving Concerns Process



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Promoting Positive Behaviours in Children Course

Orange Shirt Day - September 28

Orange Shirt Day is coming up and has been established in order to acknowledge and remember children who attended Residential Schools in Canada. These schools were in operation between 1870 and 1996. Some children who attended Residential Schools survived; however many did not. Orange shirts have become a symbol for the day because of the story of Residential School Survivor Phyllis Webstad (link below). Orange Shirt Day takes place on September 30th each year. This year it falls on a Sunday. For this reason we have decided to honor the day of Friday September 28th.


Phyllis’ Story can be found here It helps to explain the background and origin of the day.

Loose Parts Play at LCS

LCS is collecting Loose Parts Play items. If you have any of the following items and are willing to donate them please contact the office. 


Drift wood          CornStalks        Seeds            Acorns                 Logs

Large blocks       Bamboo            Tires             Plastic tubes         Ropes

Buckets               Tea pots            Fabric           Baskets                 Milk Crates

Boxes                  PVC tubes         Ribbons        Nets                      Planks

Baking pans        Burlap Sacs       Scarves         Scoops                  Pallets

Balls                    Hula Hoops       Rocks           Hub caps               Marbles

Stumps                 Sand                 Gravel          Wood                   Straw bales


Some of the benefits of Loose Parts Play


-Children learn to get along with others, see other points of view, practice empathy.

-Increases movement of large muscles improving strength and fundamental motor skills.

-Children learn they are in control of their own lives (locus of control)

-Children learn they can solve problems and that the world is not such a scary place.

- Learn to think creatively to innovate.

-Helps maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Thank you for your help!




LCS School Advisory Council



LCS School Advisory Council will hold a meeting
September 10th, 2018 @ 6:30pm LCS Library.


Parents and Caregivers are encourage to attend.




Helping Anxious Children Course

Fundraiser for the Hiltz Family

Do you enjoy working with children?

Image result for avrsb educational assistant

Are you interested in making a difference in the educational experience of a student?

The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board is looking to hire Educational Assistants, including casual, part-time, and full-time.  Educational Assistants work directly with students and under the direction of a teacher to support students who require medical, personal care, safety and/or behavior management support.

If you believe that you have the ability and interest in this type of work, please contact the Human Resources Department of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board at 902-538-4600 or view the job postings available on the Board website at

Educational Assistants are a valued member of our larger school community that support school based activities and the “whole life” of the school.

Cannabis Use and Your Teen

Annapolis Valley Speed Skating Club