Jan 14th-
SAC Meeting
@6:30 pm
LCS Library


Jan 16th-
Early Dismissal 
11:30 am


Jan 25th-

Winter Active


Jan 30th-

Assembly @ 1:45 pm


Feb 1st-

Regional Shut Down 

-No School


Feb 8th-

Whole School Skating

Gr. P-3- 9am-10am
Gr 4-5- 10:15am-11:15am



Feb 12th-

Early dismissal 

@ 11:30 am


Feb 14th-

Whole School Skating


Feb 18th-

Heritage Day 

No School


Feb 28th-

Whole School Skating






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Recycling Fund


Recycling Fund for
2018-2019 $266.05


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2008-2009 = $ 765.85
2009-2010 = $ 841.25
2010-2011 = $1030.35
2011-2012 = $ 894.10
2012-2013 = $ 894.85
2013-2014 = $696.70
2014-2015 = $877.70
2015-2016 = $711.55
2016-2017 = $ 501.10
2017-2018 = $475.45

2018 -2019 - $266.05







School Mission: 
To develop responsible, life-long learners in a student centered environment where all educational partners are successful, respected and valued.





On June 29, 1999, Lawrencetown Consolidated School became a member of the League of Peaceful Schools.

The League is made up of a number of schools demonstrating the qualities of a peaceful school. Some of those qualities involve the teaching of positive social skills, student leadership, peer mediation, cooperation between students and a common vision shared by staff - to name just a few.

The following are some of the projects we have that reflect our efforts to create a truly peaceful climate for all who enter.

Perhaps the greatest contribution to our peaceful climate comes from the In Class Programs that are offered by each teacher. Treating students with respect and being a good model helps us reach our goal.

We encourage cooperation between students and try to provide opportunities for them to model this behavior. All the classes are involved with Reading & Computer Buddies in one form or another. During these times, older students help younger ones. We have also run a program called Old Fashioned Games where older and younger students learned to play games like jacks and marbles in a friendly manner. There is a daily Peer Tutor Program run before school in the gym.  During this time, older students help youngers with Reading and Math skills.

Many members of our Grade Six class volunteer to act as Playground Monitors during lunch time. They are extra eyes and ears, helping the playground remain a fun place. As a reward to Peaceful Playground Persons, we ran a campaign recognizing their accomplishments. Students who were spotted playing peacefully were given a special PPP button, a Tootsie Roll Pop and had their name recorded on the Happy Face Wall for all to see.

With any group of children, things do not always go smoothly and sometimes there are difficulties to work out. We have a team of trained Peer Mediators who will meet with children who want to solve their problems. The Mediators help the younger children reach an agreeable settlement without being bossy or judgmental. Our Peer Mediators program has been in operation for a number of years. As well as being available for mediation, the Peer Mediators are also involved in a proactive program which provides younger students with a chance to discuss appropriate actions with regard to sharing, truthfulness and bullying to name but a few.

Since we feel there are so many good things happening, we want everyone to know about them. The Peaceful Pandas help with this. Students are encouraged to drop off messages about their friends who are doing nice things around the school. These messages are recorded on Pandas and are read over the PA each morning. The 'Pandas' change their form from time to time, sometimes being Ella the Elephant who 'remembers' good deeds and sometimes, a Little Bird who passes on good deeds by way of 'A little bird told me'.

The school also has special projects from time to time. One such promotion, called Helping Hands, rewarded children who were demonstrating good habits at home. All our 'helpers' were displayed around the 'world' in the front lobby. Angels for Honduras came at the time of troubles in that country. Along with other schools and groups, we pitched in to help people in difficulty. Another project involved Origami Paper Cranes. This developed from the story Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes.

As you can see, we have done much already to earn our place in the League of Peaceful Schools, but this is not a program that ends. It is, instead, one that is carried on every day, in every room, with each person contributing to our goal of making LCS a great place to be!



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