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Upcoming Events

Monday, March 19th
SAC Meeting 6:30
LCS Library
All welcome to attend

Recycling Fund 
for 2017-2018

to January 25th

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2008-2009 = $ 765.85
2009-2010 = $ 841.25
2010-2011 = $1030.35
2011-2012 = $ 894.10
2012-2013 = $ 894.85
2013-2014 = $ 696.70
2014-2015 = $ 877.70
2015-2016 = $ 711.55

2016-2017 = $ 501.10

Bell Schedule

8:25 bell    Organizational time


8:30-9:00        1st class

9:00-9:30        2nd class

9:30-10:00      3rd class

10:00-10:30     4th class

10:30-10:45      Recess

10:45-11:15      5th class

11:15-11:45      6th class

11:45-12:15      7th class

12:15-12:20      Get dressed for outside

12:20-12:40      Lunch recess

12:40-1:00       Eat lunch

1:00 – 2:00       8th class

2:00-- 2:30      9th class

2:30               Dismissal


School Mission: 
To develop responsible, life-long learners in a student centered environment where all educational partners are successful, respected and valued.


LCS Advisory Council



Next SAC Meeting
March 19, 2018
LCS 6:30 p.m.
Email the SAC: lcs-sac@staff.ednet.ns.ca

Recommendations from the School Facilities Review is available online at the AVRSB website
Go to the Lawrencetown School Webpage:  Click Here


SAC Bylaws

Roles and Responsibilities

School Closure Process Review Final Report 2007

SAC Meeting Minutes


The Report on the School Advisory Councils Consultation (October 2003) 
is available from the Department of Education Website:http://www.ednet.ns.ca/pdfdocs/school_advisory_councils/SAC_consulation_report_e.pdf
A copy is also available in the Office at school.


The Minister's Response to the Report on the School Advisory Councils Consultation 
(December 2004) is available from the Department of Education Website:


Premier’s Conference (Fall 2007) Summary Report Document




Completion of Term

Steve Baskwill (Secretary/Financial Officer) Community

October 2019

   Amy Fucsek Community

October 2020


October 2018

Linda McKenna Staff

October 2019


October 2020

Chandra Toole Staff

October 2018

 Julie Pilling Parent

October 2020


October 2018

Jamie McCorry (Chair) Parent

October 2019

Paula Shehata  Principal



Bylaw Changes (these have been approved)

The following bylaw change was voted on and passed at the November 10, 2008 meeting of the Lawrencetown Consolidated School Advisory Council.  The BOLD section has been added to the old bylaw.

Section 2 Election and Term of Office

a) Members may serve on the Lawrencetown School Council to a maximum of three consecutive years. One member of each representative group will be replaced annually. In the event that no person offers from a group, a serving member may re-offer for one additional three-year term.

 The following bylaw change was voted on and passed at the November 19, 2007 meeting of the Lawrencetown Consolidated School Advisory Council.  
Note:  The section marked OLD will be replaced by the section marked NEW

 Section 1 Quorum

a) Quorum is defined as the minimum number of members required to hold a meeting. This applies to council and committee meetings.

OLD b) The quorum will consist of half plus one of the elected/appointed School Advisory Council membership.

NEW The quorum will consist of five of the nine elected/appointed School Advisory Council membership.  In the event there are not nine members, the quorum will consist of a simple majority of the current elected/appointed School Advisory Council membership.