All refundables at LCS are collected and saved for returning to the Reclamation Center in Middleton.  They are sorted and counted and turned in for cash that is used for projects at the school. 

As well as collecting from the school, there is a blue box for refundables in Lawrencetown.  The box is located in front of TerraForma, 479 Main Street, Lawrencetown (sort of across the street from the Drug Store).

We kept track of how much money we raised through this project in the 2008-2009 school year and our total was $765.85. In 2009-2010 we raised $841.25!  Last year, 2010-2011 our goal for the school year was $850 and we raised over $1040!

We encourage everyone to take all their refundables back to the depot in Middleton, but if you want to drop them off in the blue box or even at school, we'll see that they get returned and we'll put the money to good use!


We can return pop bottles and cans, beer bottles and cans, individual juice boxes or bags,
large juice containers, glass juice containers, steel juice cans, liquor and wine bottles, to name
but a few of the many refundable items.