Lawrencetown Consolidated School

Our logo was designed in 1995 and was the consolidation of drawings submitted by three students. The logo appears on our school T-shirts, the school letterhead and has been painted on the wall of the school by the class of '96.

The LCS School Cheer

LCS We're the Best
Head and shoulders above the rest
North, South, East and West
We're the school with lots of zest.

Be our guest,
You'll be impressed.
We have it all at LCS!

The LCS School Slogan

LCS - The School With Spirit!

The LCS School Crest

The school crest shows the lamp of knowledge, an open book and the Latin phrase:
which means: All who eagerly seek knowledge succeed.

The Peace Garden was dedicated on November 10, 1996 to those people who contributed, whether on the battlefield or at home, to the restoration of peace during the Second World War. The following story illustrates why the tulip was chosen as a suitable flower for this garden:

The Tulip Story

During the Second World War, Crown Princess Julianna of the Netherlands fled with her family and came to live in Canada. In 1943, her daughter Princess Margriet was born in Ottawa, Canada's Capital - in a hospital room that was temporarily designated Dutch soil! For the first time, a foreign flag flew from the Peace Tower and bells in the Peace Tower played the Dutch national anthem! The baby girl was a sign of hope, both here and in the Netherlands: her name means "Daisy," the Dutch flower of freedom. Two years later, Canadian and other Allied forces liberated the Netherlands.

When she returned to the Netherlands in 1945, Princess Juliana and the Dutch people sent Canada a thank-you gift of 100,000 tulip bulbs, and since then thousands more bulbs have arrived every year. In spring, they bloom throughout Canada's Capital Region. The gift of tulips represents the special friendship between the Netherlands and Canada that began in a time of turmoil and has endured for half a century. In the Capital, the abundance of tulips that bloom every spring and the exhibit that compliments them remind us of the important role played by Canadian soldiers and the improtance of international friendship.